General Features

* EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 Certified
* Fully monitorable 8 zone capacity
* Maximum 32 units ofTEKNIM Conventional fire detectors can be connected to each zone
* User-friendly, easy to manage indicator panel
* Separate fire and error LEDs for each zone
* Smart charging system extending battery life
* Smart protection system that prevents direct starting of device from battery for security reasons
* Walk-through test function that can be performed by a single person
* Disabling of each zone individually

* lnspection feature via siren outputs and zone inputs line end resistances against faulty connections
* 2 X 500mA si ren outputs allowing maximum 60 Teknim TFS-3192 siren connection
* 24 VDC 500mA external supply output with automatic fuse (AUX)
* 1 N C/NO fire relay (8utton ala rm, detector ala rm, etc.)
* 1 N C/NO error relay (Energy failure, zone failure, battery failure etc.)
* Key system to define intervention authority level
* Removable cover design enabling easy installation
* Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) (27.6VDC SMPS 1.5Ah Automatic Fuse)

Other Informations

The panel has EN-54-2/4 Certification. lt has 8 zones, and maximum 32 units ofTEKNIM Conventional fire detectors and manual call pointscan be connected to each zone. lt is the first cheice of professionals with is elegant metal body design, easy installation and high performance. The panel meets all technical values required u nder European Community, standarts